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Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms?

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A pontoon boat is a similar design to a catamaran, in that it has two hulls, but there the similarities end. You could describe a pontoon as the quirky, sluggish cousin of the catamaran. Pontoons are smaller and much cheaper than most catamarans.

Toons are designed for fun and casual cruising. Pontoons are comfortable and easy, but Do Pontoon Boats have Bathrooms?

Usually pontoon boats do not have bathrooms, unfortuantely. That said, it’s not hard to add one to use when nature calls. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do that.

And of course, the design of the modern pontoon is constantly improving. ‘Toons haven’t quite caught up with the seaworthy catamaran, but they’re a great craft for beginners, families, and fun.

We’ll go through the details of getting a portable bathroom on your pontoon boat in this article.


Do Pontoon Boats Have Bathrooms Built In?

Whether you’re spending a day out fishing or going on a cruise with friends, you can rest assured that you’ll be safe in this sturdy craft. But a full day of eating and drinking will mean that sooner or later you’re going to want to use the bathroom.

While a pontoon boat might have the luxury of a large deck, generally, there are no inbuilt facilities.

How can I put a bathroom in my pontoon boat? 

Pop Up Tent

It’s not going to cost a fortune to solve this problem. There’s an easy solution. All you need are two main products: A pop-up tent  (or a hanging curtain if you have a cab), and a porta-potty .

The best thing about this design is that there are no complicated installation requirements. There are no pipes to run, and you don’t need electricity. 

Let’s have a look at the options so you can see for yourself how easy this set-up is to install in your pontoon boat.

What’s the best top for a Pontoon boat to create a space for a bathroom? 

Unless you own a large pontoon boat, the chances are you will not have a hard roof. There’s even an easy solution to that too.

If you aim to use your boat in the winter, you could look to building a permanent top on your boat. Although there will still be issues to consider. 

  • Think about the weight of the materials for the top. You don’t want to unbalance the craft. 
  • If you use your pontoon boat for fishing, will a permanent hardtop get in the way? 

If these are likely problems for you, the best solution is a portable roof that folds up when not in use. Consider fitting a bimini top to your ‘toon. It will provide shade on a hot day, but it’s also a great place to fit a portable bathroom.

These tops are lightweight and usually designed with an aluminum frame and a canvas top. Choose a size that suits your needs and fold it up when it’s not needed.

Can I hang a portable room in a pontoon Boat? 

Portable Hanging Room

If you already have a hard roof on your pontoon, you could use a portable hanging room . These are made from soft, light weight materials.

Often, they’re designed without a top or bottom, just the walls.

They’ll have inbuilt hangers at the top, sometimes Velcro, so it hangs underneath the frame of a Bimini.

For privacy, they have zippers, allowing guests and family to get changed inside, or use it as a bathroom. And of course, they’re portable so you can take them down and fold them away when not needed.

Can I have a privacy room if I don’t have a roof on my Pontoon Boat? 

Portable Fold-Up Privacy Room

If you don’t have a roof on your boat, you can use a portable fold-up privacy room  that stands alone. Like the hanging rooms mentioned above, these are made with similar materials and include zippers for privacy. They come in lots of sizes and shapes.

Another great feature is that if you leave the pontoon boat to explore your surroundings, you can take them with you. They’re so light and portable to transport.

How do I make a privacy room into a bathroom? 

Once you have your hanging or standalone privacy room, then you will need to put a porta-potty  inside. This is a portable toilet unit that works by using chemicals and water to break down the contents.

The great thing is that you sit on them much the same as you would on any standard toilet. Once you flush, all the waste goes into a large canister at the bottom. Once the waste tank is full, a cap opening allows you to empty it into a chemical disposal point. 

They come in a few different sizes and the larger porta-potty  can hold around 6 gallons in the waste tank, so it can get quite heavy. 

Used properly, a Porta Potty should not emit bad odors. The scented chemicals used, will break down the waste and mask any bad smells. Emptying a full cartridge can be a little tricky but with practice, it gets easier. If you take care of your equipment, it will serve you well for years to come.

Can I get an eco-friendly porta potty? 

If you don’t want to use chemicals, try out an eco-friendly porta-potty . These use biodegradable bags that contain a special powder  to break up the waste and stop bad odors.

The sealed bags can even be disposed of in a normal trash can. The frame folds up and fits into a carry box, so it’s ideal to carry around on day trips too.


Using a porta-potty inside a private room makes great sense when you’re out on the water. Let’s face it, miles from nowhere you’re not going to find any public facilities. Having your own means that everyone can relax and enjoy their trip out on the pontoon boat. No one needs to worry about getting caught out when they need the bathroom. 

If you’re going to provide bathroom facilities on your pontoon boat, then you will also need to consider hygiene. Make sure you have facilities for washing hands. This No products found. available in the small privy room.

Or, you could use antibacterial hand wipes  to keep everything clean and germ-free.

As we’ve shown, it’s easy to provide hygienic and odor-free private bathroom facilities on your pontoon boat. All at a reasonable cost!

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