About MooringMarine

About Me

I was fortunate enough to grow up with several boats, and several boaters, in my family. When I was young, we spent summers in the local lakes and rivers, trailering our small Chris Craft from spot to spot. As I grew older, we had permanent docks for our various boats, Bayliners, Carvers, etc. Eventually, we graduated to the ocean when I was in high school.

It was a lot more fun and dynamic to be on the ocean, and I learned to drive a boat long before I learned to drive a car. Fishing on the ocean was far more fun than fishing in lakes and rivers.

I also learned to scuba dive at that time, an activity that I don’t get to enjoy anywhere near as much as I should! However, this passion has taken me around the world to various scuba destinations, and I can’t wait to get back to it.

I worked summers and in college for a local marine supply store, one that eventually was purchased by a huge multinational boat supply company that happens to share my last name (no relation, unfortunately!). During my time at the store, I learned all about boat supplies, the best brands for various marine items, and the intricacies of sailing.

About MooringMarine

My time at the boat supply store is long gone, and the number of boats among my family and friends has diminished since I was a kid. Though my passion for boating remains as strong as ever.

I decided to start MooringMarine while searching for some kayaking information. I realized that there was a dearth of quality, fun boating information online. I thought my voice might be helpful. I hope it is.

Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll see you out on the water!