How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat, Typically?

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A pontoon boat is one of the most passenger-friendly pleasure boats used by many. It is used for different water activities like water sports and exploration.

If you are thinking of buying one, you should be interested to know just how many people it can carry. How wide is a pontoon boat, typically?

Can it carry enough people and gear at the same time? What about trailering?

First, there is no universal standard size for boats. Pontoon boats come in different lengths and widths, depending on their capacity. This is why some boats can carry more passengers than others.

Below, we’ll review the different standard pontoon boat widths, so we will know how wide is a pontoon boat.


How Wide Is A Pontoon Boat: Different Sizes

1. Small Toons

Small pontoon boats are less than 20ft long and 8ft wide. They also have a diameter of 24-26 inches, but some can be much smaller at 12-14ft long and 7ft wide. Small boats have limited space to accommodate passengers and cargo.

2. Medium Toons

Medium pontoon boats are the common sizes with an average width of 8-10ft. But there are much longer versions that can be as long as 40ft. Any pontoon boat above 20ft long can be classified as a medium pontoon boat.

If you want a boat that can accommodate friends and family, you should start looking at medium or large pontoon boats. But they cost more than smaller versions.

3. Large Toons

Large pontoon boats are the biggest of all standard pontoon boat widths. They can transport a lot of people at once and can be as wide as 12ft.

Large versions have an average length of 30ft or longer to transport about two dozen passengers or more.

4. Custom Toons

Besides these three sizes, there are customized versions that are wider.

These versions are on-demand with extra features that conventional versions don’t have. To get customized you will have to discuss your needs with the manufacturer. Keep in mind that the larger the boat, the wider it will typically be

How Many People Can The Different Pontoon Boat Sizes Accommodate?

The different pontoon boat lengths and widths have different passenger capacities.

1. One-Man Pontoon Boats

There are some manufacturers that produce small inflatable single-person pontoon boats. These boats are super fun and surprisingly useful, but they’re a bit of a different category from what most people think of when they think of a toon!

Keep in mind you need to register your one-person pontoon boat if it has a motor, and be sure to put your numbers on your toon in the right place

2. Small Pontoons – 2 Persons

Small pontoon boat dimensions have limited width and space. It can only carry about two people at a time: the driver and one other passenger. Although the standard size of a small pontoon boat is 7ft, there are newer mini pontoon boats with 8ft width.

These compact small pontoon boat sizes are easy to use and store in a small shed. If powered with a reasonably strong motor, it can move very fast.

3. Medium Pontoons – 3-12 Persons

Medium pontoon boat dimensions have far-reaching size ranges. Their standard width starts from 8ft, and some can even be wider.

Medium ptoons typically have a stronger engine with more horsepower. They are quite stable and can handle large water bodies that smaller boats cannot. Even still, you should not take your toon out in rough water or on the ocean (except for calm bays and inlets).

Medium pontoons can accommodate three or more passengers. It depends on the size of the deck and tubes. This is the pontoon boat width size widely in use.

4. Large Pontoons – 15-20 Persons

Large pontoon boats can accommodate of 15 to 40 people depending on the size dimensions.

With a width of 12ft and above, this is a popular large pontoon boat for hosting parties on the water. As well as tubing, skiing, wakeboarding, and any other activity involving many people. Large boats have powerful outboard engines.

Keep in mind the wider the boat, the hard it is to turn and maneuver.

Trailering and Storage

When deciding on pontoon boats generally, you need to look beyond your needs on the water. While your needs are important, you also have to consider the trailer that you will use to transport it from land to shore. As well as back to your home or wherever you store it.

Even if you have a storage shed along the coastline, you still have to make that decision about the large pontoon boat width.

Otherwise, you will have a hard time transporting it.

What Makes A Pontoon Boat One Of The Best Pleasure Boat To Buy?

Pontoon boats are hugely popular, particularly in the tourism industry. This is because of their versatility and structure.

There are so many reasons why a bigger pontoon boat is one of the best pleasure boats around. One of them is the onboard space and plenty of options for all your stuff.

Pontoons are also designed for leisure activities hence the need for space. Boaters who want to bring a group along or boat parties in the middle of water prefer vessels with enough space to accommodate people.

Some pontoons also have lounges, bars, and even dining areas for the crew and the traveling party. Only very few pleasure boats can boast of that!

One thing many people may not know is that the “pontoon” name emanates from the hollow or foam-filled tubes underneath the boat. These allows it to float on top of the water.

The deck on which you rest is directly on top of the tube. The structure of the tube allows for much space for people to sit and walk around.

One thing many people may not know is that the “pontoon” name emanates from the hollow or foam-filled tubes underneath the boat. These allow it to float on top of the water.

But despite the many advantages that a compact pontoon boat has, including its width, it is one of the slowest and hardest to maneuver boats around.

Even when powered by a strong outboard motor, there is only so much speed it can clock per hour compared to other boats.

Also, they are not very good on rough water. When the weather is bad, and the water is unstable, pontoon boats can be very difficult to steer. This is why pontoon boat owners are advised never to take their boats out during a storm or in windy conditions.

They are also not suitable for seas and oceans. This is because these water bodies tend to have very strong currents and large waves. Pontoon boats can’t deal with it.

So you know, it is unwise to use them for commercial purposes in these areas.

They are meant for leisure activities like water sports, partying, and pleasure boating — usually on lakes and rivers.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Pontoon Boat

You now know the average pontoon boat size width of a pontoon boat and some of its characteristics. You may probably have decided to buy one.

This is a good move on your path, but before you do that, you should know what to look out for in a pontoon boat.

There are so many brands around claiming that their vessels are the best in the market. But we do know that no two boats are equal; as with all things in life, some boats are just better than others.

So to make the right decision, you shouldn’t base your decision on width alone but on other factors as well. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing a pontoon boat.

1. Passenger Capacity

The number of passengers you can admit on board should be one of your top priorities. This will depend on what you want to use the boat for.

If you plan to have passengers on board most of the time, you need to buy one that can accommodate the number of people you want per trip.

A pontoon boat with a significant passenger capacity will be wide enough to provide comfort. It should be spacious enough for everyone on board to relax and enjoy the thrill of the adventure.

2. Purpose

Although the boat is designed for leisure activities, we do know that there are different types of activities. So, which one do you want to engage in? This information will help you decide on a boat that best serves your purpose.

If you want a boat for fishing, you don’t need one that is too big. If it is for a watersport, you most likely need a large space and a powerful motor. So whether the boat is wide enough will depend on what you want to use it for.

If you want many people on board for partying, you need a larger space for that. Always have the purpose at the back of your mind when picking a pontoon boat.

3. Comfort Centers

Will you be spending a very long time on the water? If you do, you need comfort Centers on board. Centers include lounges, bars, kitchenettes, bathrooms, and any space that will provide comfort.

A bathroom and even a small resting space should not be left out! But note that to get all your want, you may have to customize it to your taste.

4. The Layout Is Vital

Lastly, the layout is another crucial factor to consider. Some pontoon boats are versatile. Yet it can’t be used for different activities, while others are rigid and limited. Generally, the common layouts you will find on pontoon boats are:

  • Cruising
  • Fishing
  • Entertainment
  • Lounge

Of all four, the cruising layout is by far the most popular. Note that each one is designed to serve a specific need. But if you customize yours, it will cost you money, but the layout can be altered to serve multiple needs.